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I'm Clare Mullins: 90s lover, wannabe baker and loyal fan of Amy Poehler. I am a natural light wedding and family photographer based in New York City serving clients wherever their love takes them. 

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where I studied Art History and Visual Arts at Emory University. I moved to New York, and like the girl in every Rom Com, I am obsessed with the energy. I am fascinated with people and their passions, so when we meet, don't be shocked if I ask you 20 questions about your favorite hobby. I am an ex-college soccer player and lifetime equestrian which is a roundabout way of saying that I love being outside. I'll go hiking, walking, swimming, or sun-basking anytime you want. 

As Elizabeth James so neatly put it in The Parent Trap, "Don't forget to look happy, it is YOUR wedding day!" My goal for any wedding day is to ensure you're happy. You should feel comfortable with me before, during and after your big day. 

We're probably an amazing fit if you appreciate the beautiful things in life, and you want amazing photos, but you spend most nights wearing sweat pants and a top knot. You and your fiancé are wildly in love, and you seek out adventures any chance you get. 
If this sounds like you or you have questions, comments, or would just like to chat over Mexican food or good brunch, shoot me an email below! 



Good food y'all

I'm a firm believer that if you love someone, bake them cookies...or pizza....or cake. NOTHING screams true love like brown sugar and butter, and I'll go to my grave asking for the last slice of whatever is in front of me. 

very tall.
very ginger.
hopeless romantic who will probably cry at your wedding.

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lord help the mister

So these two gals, Margaret (30) and Catherine (23), are my two sisters, oldest friends, loves of my life and greatest inspirations. I am constantly astounded by the work they create, the dreams they pursue and the sh** they call me out for. Basically, I need them, couldn't do life without them, and can't wait until they're both famous, so I can go to their fancy events.  

But of course, a horse

It will be a 0% shocker to anyone who knows me that a horse is on my top six favorite things. I begged as a child for lessons, and I can remember with crystal clarity the moment my mom sat on the edge of my bed and told me I was starting at Vogt Riding Academy the following Tuesday. 18 years later, these creatures continue challenge me, fascinate me and inspire a deep reverence for the natural world around me. 

I'll take four bagels, please

I moved to New York in the summer of 2016, and since then I have found all stereotypes of this strange city to be true. People are kind. People are mean, It never sleeps. It's lonely. It will change you. It is a salad bowl of cultures. Call it what you like, but this tiny island is unlike any other, and for the time being, I love calling it home. Also, I live on the Upper West Side which is 90% due to the Fall Festival in You've Got Mail.

Collector of thy holy delta points

Whether it's Greece (shown above), Hawaii, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Utah, Australia or any of the other places I have been lucky to visit, travel is what makes my heart feel whole. I have a never-ending bucket list (Botswana and Alaska are currently on top), and you can bet if there is a way to get there, I"m trying to do just that. I'm on a quest to hit all states, so if you're getting married in Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, or Montana, let me know, there may be a discount in store for you. 

Bra-burning, shrill witch

Feminism: it was the word of 2017, and it's been mine since I first realized that as a woman, we have the deck stacked against us. It's going to take a coalition of people to fix the status quo. If you'd like to discuss intersectionality, rape culture, birth control, or you'd like a sounding board for rage, I am your girl, and if you're looking for an organization to support to help the cause, check out the Panzi Foundation. They are changing the game.